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Grant 2016 – Community Tourism Partnership Projects, Ta Phin and Lao Chai, Sapa, Vietnam

The PATA Foundation has supported a Community Tourism Training Project in the remote communities of Taphin and Lao Chai near Sapa in Northern Vietnam since 2009.  The recent fund has allowed the project to continue its work in Lao Chai

Grant 2016 – Sustainable Tourism in Yongding’s World Heritage Site: Capacity, Personal Value and Social Capital as the Mechanism, Yongding County, Fujian Province, China

This project seeks to explore sustainable development of world heritage site in Yongding, China, in an effort of greater understanding of the community value systems and traditions upon which both the preservation of cultural heritage and tourism success in this

Grant 2012 – Community Tourism Partnership Projects, Ta Phin and Lao Chai, Sapa, Vietnam

This year the PATA Foundation is moving into its third year of support for te Vietnam Community Partnership Project in the Sapa region of Northern Vietnam. The aim of the project is to develop sustainable tourism and help retain the

Grant 2010 – Community Tourism Training Exchange Project, Sapa, Vietnam

This project builds from the previous successful community based tourism training project completed in the village of Ta Phin and Ta Van in Sapa, Vietnam which has enabled the community to manage the impact of tourist visitation that was imminent

Grant 2010 – New directions for the nusantara weavers’ network, Bali and Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia

The project, led by the Yayasan Pecinta Budaya Bebali (YPBB), is to help the weavers’ communities understand the nature of the available resources and to develop management plans that helps preserve the forests and raise their incomes. The YPBB also