About PATA Foundation

The PATA Foundation is a natural extension of PATA’s dedication to the principles of conservation, which are part of the Association’s charter. When the concept of a charitable foundation was first proposed at the 33rd PATA Annual Conference in 1984, there was unanimous member approval.

The Challenge

Travel and tourism is vital to the Asia Pacific economy. Many countries depend upon the industry’s stability and growth for jobs and wealth creation. The future looks bright … in the short-term.

Travel and tourism continues to struggle with the challenges raised by its own success. Tourism development in response to short-term increases in demand puts pressure on environments, heritage sites, cultures and communities — the very assets that create the demand.

Many people in both the public and private sectors of the industry are realising that if a building, species or tradition disappears, it is gone forever; that a polluted beach and an overcrowded temple unnecessarily diminishes the travel experience.

The challenge for the industry is to strike a balance between short-term gain and long-term viability. If it can rise to the challenge, Asia Pacific travel and tourism has a very bright long-term future.

Since its inception, PATA has been a champion of environmental and cultural heritage preservation as it relates to travel and tourism development. PATA recognises the importance of the environment, cultural heritage and education on the long-term viability of destinations.