Invest in
vulnerable youth.

Engage with us and become a champion for education and employment opportunities for our youth.

The PATA Foundation is committed to advancing travel and tourism development throughout the Asia Pacific region in support of vulnerable and underprivileged communities through vocational education, skills development and capacity building projects.

To teach. To build. To grow.

Your engagement with the PATA Foundation is an investment in the future of Asia Pacific’s most vulnerable youth.

for Engagement

  • Attend our Charity Dinner

    Our annual Charity Dinner takes place at the PATA Summit. All PATA members attending the Summit are invited to buy their tickets and support PATA Foundation projects. Tickets are purchased as part of your summit registration.

  • Support a Project Through Your PATA Chapter

    We are always looking to connect with PATA membership. Contact us to learn more about how your Chapter can engage in fundraising and supporting a PATA project partner of your choosing. We can support you in developing an event or engagement opportunity that works for your group.

  • Become a Corporate Partner

    Our corporate partners create impact through investing in projects on the ground in the countries most relevant to their businesses. We aim to develop partnerships based on mutuality and shared goals which advance the employability of youth along with the CSR goals of corporates.

  • Donate

    You can make a donation today and help a student gain the employability skills they need to succeed in gaining employment and thriving in their new career!

Contact us today to discuss how you can help us achieve our mission, and to help a young person in our region create a fulfilling and prosperous life for themselves and their communities.
info@patafoundation.org | 201 California St Ste 1700, San Francisco, CA 94111-5019 USA

Invest in a student today!