Grant 2013 – Saving Lao’s Endangered Cultural Heritage and Environments, Vientiane, Lao PDR

This project will gather and catalogue endangered historic sites and environmental practices to generate “Cultural Environmental Heritage Trail” maps and signage as well as tourist and educational materials that interconnect dozens of small but important architectural and cultural-environmental heritage sites in the context of neighborhoods and communities to promote their protection.


The project will work with the Lao government and international partners to promote cultural-environmental protection. The goal is to help educate Lao youth and foreigners on the historic and cultural approaches to environmental sustainability that are still visible on the Lao landscape and to lead people through the landscape by promoting bicycling, walking and boating heritage and environmental trails to these engandered sites.


The project will produce materials for use in primary education and tourism that are linked to protection of Lao cultures, identity and environment by locals and by foreigners in the form of heritage trail maps and children’s books in multiple languages.