Nepal Earthquake Tourism Recovery Fund Granted to Nepal School

The devastating earthquake that shook Nepal in April of 2015 saddened us all. A year later, the country and its tourism community continue to struggle to fully recover.

The PATA Foundation acted hours after the event and established the PATA Foundation Nepal Earthquake Tourism Recovery Fund. The Trustees promptly committed money to the Fund and encouraged PATA members and industry colleagues to do likewise. The primary purpose of the Fund was to contribute to the recovery of the tourism industry and rebuilding process in affected areas. Notably, the Fund was not intended for humanitarian relief work, which it was agreed was best handled by international expert aid agencies.

In total US$13,984.21 was raised for the Nepal Earthquake Tourism Recovery Fund.

Over the past twelve months, we have been communicating regularly with our local chapter and members in Nepal to identify a suitable project to match the size and scope of Fund.

Following a rigorous vetting, the PATA Foundation Board of Trustees has unanimously agreed to donate the entire Fund value of US$13,984.21 to Pragati Shiksha Sadan, which is a Higher Secondary Public School in Kopundole, Lalitpur that was partly damaged by the earthquake.  For more information on the school, please visit


About Pragati Shiksha Sadan Higher Secondary School:

The school has been providing academic facilities to the marginalised groups of people, socially excluded and special need population, urban poor, students working as helpers.

Presently, this school is well recognised as a mosaic for children coming from diverse multi lingual culture, ethnicity and tribes from across the country.  In order to educate children from the marginalised families, the school has a mission to extend the current programs of imparting quality education for poor and needy people in a large number.  The classes on technical education such as computer, woodcarving, carpentering, tourism etc. will also be included.  Similarly, adult education and literacy programs are also conceived.

The purpose, goal and progress of this project is to help the needy beneficiaries as well as the restoration of a unique heritage building in the core area of Kathmandu.  With the support of local tourism professionals, orientation classes on tourism related works, Nepal’s rich heritages can be preserved.

The project will help restore heritage value of the school building that has been damaged by the devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015.

As the room can be used for multi-purpose, students will further benefit by learning about sustainable tourism, environmental and cultural preservation and promotion, hence maintaining the heritage value of the school after the completion of this project.

School’s vision and mission is to provide quality education to the underprivileged students and create employment opportunities to help them enjoy a quality life.