Pansy Ho accepts role as first official PATA Foundation Ambassador

September 26, 2013, Bangkok, Thailand – The PATA Foundation, is delighted to announce that Ms. Pansy Ho, Managing Director, Shun Tak Holdings Limited, has accepted the role as the Foundation’s first official Ambassador. Announced during the closing ceremony of the second annual Global Tourism Economy Forum (GTEF) on September 19, in Macau, Ms. Ho, who is also the Vice Chairman, Secretary-General of GTEF, graciously accepted the honorary title.

“We are delighted that Ms. Pansy Ho has accepted our invitation to be an ambassador for the PATA Foundation,” said Mr. Mario Hardy, PATA Foundation Chairman. “Over the past 28 years the Foundation has supported over 118 sustainable tourism projects, provided 104 scholarships and has positively impacted 29 countries through donations and grants in excess of $1M US dollars.”

Speaking to Forum attendees Ms. Ho told the crowd, “I am indeed very honored to be named and offered this duty to become the ambassador for the PATA foundation.  I permanently share the objectives and the mission of the Foundation and I would like very much to call upon all of you here to help us.”

Ms. Ho went on to announce that beginning next year in 2014, she will jointly organize and support an annual fundraising gala dinner with proceeds going to the PATA Foundation. She called on the audience to take an active role in giving back to their communities, to support the Foundation and ultimately grow the travel and tourism industry.

“From next year onwards, in time with the Forum event, we will be organizing a fundraising gala dinner where, trust me, you will get to hear more from me because I will reach out to all of you,” said Ms. Ho. “And by participating, not only will you also take home knowledge and insight, but rather we want you to also put back a little bit of your own contribution to the community.  Via the PATA foundation, we can make tourism not only the largest industry in the world, but something that could help the communities that we live in”

Mr. Hardy reinforced this, by inviting everyone to attend the gala dinner next year. He noted, “Recognizing the impact of sustainability throughout the visitor economy, the Foundation would like to double and triple our efforts in providing necessary funding for the development of holistically sustainable tourism products, especially in emerging regions, where there is so much to be gained.”

The gala dinner will be the first of its kind for the PATA Foundation, which will work closely with Ms. Ho’s team to organize this must-attend event. Coinciding with the GTEF in 2014, the gala will aim to raise the profile of the Foundation and subsequently have major impact on the projects that are funded through significant contributions made by attendees and sponsors.