PATA Foundation Supports 8 Young Women in Hospitality Training through Bali WISE Program

PATA Foundation is proud to announce the funding and support of 8 young women from financially challenged backgrounds to study and train in Hospitality, and Tour and Travel Skills in 2016.

Through the Role Foundation’s Bali WISE (WISE = Women of Indonesia Skills Education) Program, the PATA Foundation will fund 8 young women through a 6 month intensive hospitality based vocation skills education and training course. This funding also includes accommodation, meals, uniforms, education materials, transportation, and more.

The primary objective of this course is to help young women break the poverty cycle, by training them and ultimately allowing them to gain employment in the booming hospitality/tour and travel industry.

“By helping women break the poverty cycle, we indirectly support children and their families and stop new orphans from being brought into a difficult world.  At the same time we can help the tourism industry gain skilled employees from local communities.  This is a win-win situation for all involved. ” said Peter Semone, Chairman of PATA Foundation.  “Women are key in building sustainable communities and by working will Bali WISE, we are providing a bridge that will allow for young women to acquire gainful employment.”

The Bali WISE Skills Education Course is over 6 months. This course is broken into 2 parts. The first 3 months is full-time Basic Work and Life Skills Education. This is taught in house at the Nusa Dua, Bali Island, Campus. This first three months includes English, Family Planning, Women’s Health; Basic Computer and Work skills.

The second 3 months is Vocational Skills Education and On the Job Training.  The students are educated and train in a special program at the Bali WISE Education Partners.  These partners include Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa, Ayana Resort and Spa; Alila Villas, Uluwatu; Amanusa Hotel, Bali; The Bale, Nusa Dua; The Ritz-Carlton, Bali; Conrad, Bali; Destination Asia; and Buffallo Tours. Skills offered include Cooking, Serving, Spa, Housekeeping and Tour and Travel Admin.  Tour Guiding will be introduced this July.

“As a small Foundation, we are very grateful to be able to partner up with these caring professional Tourism Corporations.  They offer our students a skills level we could not achieve.  Also, the management and staff like this program as part of their CSR activities. It is a great fit for all,” said Miss Fena Evens, Education Chief of the Bali WISE Program.

As a part of this program the Bali WISE Students are helped to gain employment and their future is monitored to follow there progress.

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About the Role Foundation Bali WISE Program. Recognized as having one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia, almost half of Indonesia’s population lives on less than $2.00 a day – approximately 70% of the poor are women and their children.

In Indonesia, it is particularly the disadvantaged women that fall through the cracks. Due to the gender bias that exists in the foundation of Indonesia’s culture, mothers often choose to prioritise educating their male children over their female ones. This leaves the girls in a gender achievement gap, pushing them towards exploitative labour and the sex trafficking industry.

Exploitative labor is sometimes the only way these women can survive. Due to these issues with unequal opportunities of skills development and education, girls from both rural and urban backgrounds are not equipped for participation in the private sectors of tourism and hospitality.

For nearly a decade, ROLE Foundation has been working to better the situation of Indonesia’s poor and marginalized women. By improving the education, skills, and self-reliance of disadvantaged women, ROLE believes it can bring lasting change.  Through our multiple programs geared towards women’s empowerment, skills education, and healthy environment practices, we envision and sustainable and fair future for Indonesia’s communities.

ROLE’s Bali WISE program provides over 120 impoverished women each year with skills and education in English, IT, hospitality, business skills, and basic work and life skills. The program spans over six months and, through scholarships, ensures that our students incur no costs – they stay on our campus, and have transportation, accommodation, and three meals a day provided. They also receive a small stipend that they can send home to their family, allowing them to continue their studies rather than work in unskilled jobs. With a 90% employment success rate after graduation, the Bali WISE program can break the poverty trap one girl at a time.

About PATA Foundation
The PATA Foundation is a natural extension of Pacific Asia Travel Association’s dedication to the principles of conservation, which are part of the Association’s charter.  The Foundation’s mission is to contribute to the sustainable and responsible development of travel and tourism in Asia Pacific through the protection of the environment, the conservation of heritage, support for education and the sustainable development of tourism in the Asia Pacific region.  Since 1985, the PATA Foundation has donated over USD$1.3M, supported over 128 sustainable tourism projects and provided 133 scholarships in 35 countries.