Update on PATA Foundation and COVID-19

The challenge of a lifetime

We appreciate that as you read this, you are no doubt facing challenges of your own and managing uncertainties impacting you, your family and your business.

We also recognize that the impact on our sector is unprecedented. Coronavirus and the cessation of international travel is posing unimaginable challenges to companies and threatening the livelihoods of hospitality workers across the region.

Micro learning project needed now more than ever

Unfortunately, due to restrictions on movement and school closures, our Technical and Vocational Education and Training partners have also had to pause their training programs. We are monitoring the situation closely, relying on PATA’s Crisis Resource Center, and are in regular communication with our partners on the ground.

The immediate impact on students has been extremely severe, with some being unable to provide the basic necessities of life. This also puts their education in jeopardy. The longer they are kept away from the classroom, their chance of dropping out increases.  It is crucial that students be supported in continuing their studies, even if physical classrooms are closed.

Immediate access to digital learning

To this end, we are pleased to share that through the generosity of our digital learning provider Typsy, all students in the region are able to access their existing lesson library free of charge until the end of August. 

We are also continuing the process of developing new, more appropriate and accessible content designed for the specific learning and language needs of vulnerable youth for our Micro Learning Macro Impact project.

Prepare. Educate. Inspire.

As you know, this initiative is harnessing new innovations in digital learning to support youth to develop the soft ‘employability’ skills needed to succeed and support their employers in providing the high quality tourism and hospitality experiences that our region is known for!

The availability of qualified staff will, we believe, be an important contributor to the preservation and, ultimately, re-building of the travel and tourism industry.

We can all work together to help overcome the poverty crisis which has been exacerbated by COVID-19, while also providing our industry partners with much needed qualified staff.

We are all in this together! Stay well, and please stay in touch.

Oliver Martin, Chair